Families and Politics

National Political Conventions

In the past two weeks (July, 2016), both political parties had national conventions. The Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio, with Donald Trump being nominated for president. The Democratic National Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Hillary Clinton being nominated for president.

The Importance of Family

The striking thing about both conventions and both candidates is the prominence of their families in the convention process. Both candidates had their wives and children speak. Ivanka Trump introduced her father, Donald Trump, for his convention speech. Chelsea Clinton introduced her mother, Hillary Clinton, for her convention speech.

National Family Law Policy

Their is unity between the parties and candidates on the importance of families. Both candidates supported LGBT rights in their remarks at the convention. Family law policy was not addressed as a significant issue by either candidate, but both candidates emphasized the importance of family.

State Family Law Policy

The individual states have the power to choose between no-fault divorce policy or conventional divorce. Arizona has opted for no-fault divorce laws, allowing a person to divorce without requiring any reason. Arizona requires that the marriage must be irretrievably broken, and allows a right to a hearing. A.R.S. Sec. 25-316. Arizona’s additional key policy provision requires the court to adopt a parenting plan that maximizes parenting time for each parent. A.R.S. Sec. 25-403.02.

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